Greenacres Education Trust is a registered UK Charity No. 1140868, through Gift Aid, we benefit from an automatic increase of 25% on all donations from UK tax donors. This provides us all with the opportunity to become involved on an ongoing basis.

One way to get involved is to sponsor a child or a teacher.

It costs £450 ($705) a year for a child to attend the school as a full boarder.

It costs £255 ($400) a year for a child to attend as a day student.

The annual cost to sponsor a teacher is slightly higher at £1,200 ($1570).

There is also an option to donate towards an immediate target to help complete construction work in progress for High school development and to purchase equipment for the classes.

Greenacres Education Trust appreciates and value your support. We have and continue assisting children through education and seek to implement projects that enhance abilities for individuals to become independent, manage themselves and support others to achieving their aspirations.

We are grateful for your support as our well wisher and hope you continue supporting our work to achieving individual dependency and society improvement to quality living. 

Thank you.

Should you wish to discuss the project in more detail, please contact,

Mustapha Gore Mobile + 447985772755

Andrew James  + 65 9646 3009