Bombo is a small rural town located 21 miles north of Kampala on Kampala/Masindi highway towards Southern Sudan and North East Congo.

The town is formerly HQ's for the 4th Kings African Rifle during the world war. The inhabitants predominantly decendants of retired world war veterans of the 4th Kings African Rifle regiment after the war ended.

They were resettled on the outskirts of their former barracks. Given the nature of their previous employment, failure to professionally train for public life and reintegrate them back to civilian life, they lacked in professional skills, thus, encountering low and unsustainable employment after service and resorting to new trades, selfemployment, small-scale businesses and subsistence farming that does not provide sustainable income and a quality of life.

Civil strife and political conflicts in the 70’s - 80’s destroyed the few existing physical infrastructures, human resource and income generating establishments that were active. The effects of HIV/Aids prevalence in the region took its toll and did not spare the most active and productive members in almost every family and leaving behind dependants without adults to provide.

The above factors and the shortage of sustainable income, caused rural - urban immigration of good teachers, children lacking firm foundation to develop abilities to attaining reasonable standards for gaining admission to higher learning and vocational skills institutions. This unstable begining has led to problems that influence chances of continuity to higher levels of education and consequently through generations in their life.

The failure to secure admission would lead to complete droping out of education then, idleness among the youths consequently contributing to an alarming level of school dropout and various anti-social as well criminal behaviours, abuse of drugs, alcohol addiction, theft, teenage pregnancies, domestic violance and arranged childhood marriages. As a result both young and old alike live in uncertainty, lost hope and resigned to living in abject poverty as if its normal.

Direction by Public Transport:

  • Begin your journey from Kampala city at the New Taxi park,
  • Take  commuter taxis travelling to/towards Bombo.
  • Get off at 21Mile Bombo Taxi park 
  • Ask for directions to Greenacres Junior academy at park attendants office or follow directions on Bill Board.
  • The school is five minutes walk from the Taxi park.

 Directions by Private vehicle:

  • Drive north of Kampala city towards Kampala - Masindi Highway.
  • 300 metres before 21 miles you will see the Bill Board with directions or 21 miles at Bombo turn left towards Bombo - Ndejje road.
  • Drive 200 meters on Ndejje road you will find another billboard on the left indicating directions to Greenacres Junior Academy.

HAPPY VISIT AT Greenacres Junior Academy.

Greenacres Junior Academy

P.o. Box 96
Bombo, Uganda
+256 773 919 262 / +256 753 919 262