About Us

The Charity, Greenacres Education Trust, primarily support Greenacres Junior Academy at Bombo, Luwero district and construction of Greenacres High School.

The junior school provides ten full time mixed day and boarding primary education facilities for 380 children aged between 4-12 years old selected from diverse backgrounds.

The school operational activities are supervised by a Governing board, parents teachers association and managed by a dedicated team composed of a headteacher, 16 class-teachers, 4 house matrons/wardens, 11 support staff.

The school has offered indirect sustainable employment to local community supplying services, small scale farmers supplying food and the local shops supply various goods.

In due course it is hoped that the school will be able to provide:

  • Secondary and Advanced level education for older pupils.
  • Offer Gap year and internship to local and overseas students.
  • Facilitate periodical adult/youth skills training workshops in collaboration with independent government and professional non-governmental bodies.

The funds donated to the charity are utilized to improve facilities, completion of facilities under construction, expansion, extracurricular facilities, staff training for capacity building and construction of secondary school.

One of the broad aims is to expand the school beyond primary level so that pupils could progress to secondary, advanced level education, vocational training and graduate when mature to make informed decisions to join universities, vocational training institutions or seek employment.

The charity's aims to provide facilities to support other educational programs in communities around the school through workshops aimed at community health care, generational sustain of household incomes, environmental protection awareness, self-employment and entrepreneurial training skills.

Management of the charity and allocation of funds is made by charity trustees based on recommendations from the local school governing board and a select committee of the school administration/teachers at grassroot level.

The charity trustees visit projects benefiting from the funds half yearly to assess performance and progress of funds allocated are appropriately utilized.